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The Spider-Man Full Movie Download In Hindi


Foo Spider-man (played by Don Glut) must rescue the beautiful daughter (played by Donna Shannon) of a mad scientist (played by Robert M. Rosen). Doctor Lightning (played by Robert M. Rosen) was driven insane when his face was disfigured in an electrical explosion. His daughter (played by Donna Shannon) has given important information about her father to Randy (played by Rick Mitchell) of the Daily Bugle newspaper. the doctor sends his henchman Revov (played by Jim Harmon) to bring back his daughter, and carrying out the orders, shoots Randy. Spider-man (played by Don Glut) obtains from the wounded Randy all that has transpired; and then swiftly swings off to the doctor&#39;s hideout in the caverns. He encounters Rekov, with the pair fighting. Accidently, Rekov is killed from a blast of the doctor&#39;s lightning gun. While protecting the doctor&#39;s daughter, Spider-man is also shot by the doctor&#39;s lightning gun. This allows the doctor to speed away in his car. Spider-man&#39;s spider strength has saved him from death. He swings after the doctor. Spider-man is able to grab the car with a spider-web lasso, raising it off the ground. The doctor, rather than being taken alive, zaps his own car, blowing himself up. SPIDER-MAN is the last of Donald F. Glut&#39;s amateur home movies made throughout the 1960s. The cast and crew are a little older and wiser here so the special effects and action is better conceived than previously. Spider-Man and his cohorts battle the usual master villains in a story packed with action and effects, all of it told in a cheap but fun style. Elements of narrative structure and character show just how far Glut came since he started out making movies nearly 20 years previously. In this day and age, fan films are everywhere, and exists for many franchises. This is one of them, but because it is so old, and more importantly, because it&#39;s the first live action version of Spider-Man, it has gotten some attention.<br/><br/>Do not mistake this for anything more than it is, though. The editing, the effects (including some spastic stop motion), the acting, the voice over, the locations, etc. all have a distinct air of home made fan movies. Obviously this was a much bigger achievement in 1969, due to the technical limits (especially for home productions) - and it is admittedly a bit fun to see how Glut solved some SFX problems. But other than that, this movie hare little to offer. Being 11 minutes, it&#39;s a fun novelty for fans of film making, spider-man fans, and fans of live action super hero movies&#39; early beginnings.


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