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 \subsection{past, present, future}
+    \begin{quote}
+        According to David Wells in \textbf{The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and
+        Interesting Numbers}, 39 is the smallest mathematically uninteresting
+        number. The book claims that it is also the first number that is
+        simultaneously both interesting and uninteresting, thereby avoiding the
+        paradox. \cite{Wikipedia2010}
+    \end{quote}
+\begin{frame}{gestern, heute, morgen}
             \item FSA 2009
             Tim Pritlove, Astera, Johannes Grenzfurthner.
             \newblock {\em CRE134 Hackerspaces}.
             \newblock \url{}
+        \bibitem[Wikipedia 2010]{Wikipedia2010}
+            Wikipedia
+            \newblock {\em 39 (number)}
+            \scriptsize
+            \newblock \url{\_\%28number\%29\&oldid=344011024}
+            \normalsize