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Getting started

Welcome to the Wiki! If you are looking for help on how to use the program, go to the Tutorial page.

If you just want to download the program go to the download tab, and get the latest version for your operating system.

If you want to submit a bug or propose a feature, just click the issues tab and create one.

If you are interested in getting the source just click on the source tab, or clone the mercurial repository using:

$ hg clone

About the program

This is a program for defining routines, running them and tracking their progress through time. That's a fancy description for what's basically a chained stopwatch, you just define times at which you have to change the activity you are performing and the program notifies you with a sound when the time is over.

About the source

I used python 3 to code the program, and PyQt4 to create the GUI and for other small operations.

This is my first project using python, so the source it's not gonna be very pythonic. I tried to follow PEP 8, except when naming GUI objects on which I used system hungarian. English is obviously not my primary language but I tried to comment everything in English anyway, let me know if something is not clear enough.


This program is under the GNU GPL version 3, you can read about the license in GPL's page.