Roman Leventov (leventov)

Roman Leventov
839f2fa Pulled modCount() call before copying arrays to local vars in all bulk methods
5cabdcc Moved reverse collection operations in separate (lib-private) interfaces, removed THashSet and THashMap interfaces, removed @Implementation annotation
8e07755 Inserted @Override everywhere
e1bf15e Rethinked rehash logic again. Removed autocompaction. AbstrachHash.shrink() instead of rehash().
a355c8e Added missed fast fail check to CharDHashBackedMap.removeIf
Roman Leventov
3952bc0 Refactored setUp(), rehash() chains, new init() method.
7597046 Optimized iterators by copying arrays into final fields
d413ab6 Choosing DHash capacity protected from overflow. New set of DHash capacities (high prime twins). rehash() refactored.
57e5cb9 Optimized index() and insert(), back to separate direct hit and probing loop methods.
Roman Leventov
61bcef7 Updated, simplified generator. New interfaces hierarchy, within Java Collections Framework. ArraysLists and serializability dropped for some time
f230fc2 Added JMH benchmarks
0e573f0 Removed tempDisableAutoCompaction and reenableAutoCompaction methods in favor of 2 method hierarchies: removeAt and removeAtWithoutCompaction
34dbf6d Converted in the entire project: 1) Windows-style CR-LF line endings to Unix-style LF, 2) tabs to 4 spaces.
d1639f7 Rewritten hash iteration framework