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Chris Hughes
created an issue


Is there any plans to incorporate the MP score into the command line version of IdentiPy? Or am I just misunderstanding the 'fragmentMT' column in the tsv output?

I see that you have now included an identipy2pin script so Percolator can be used as well.

Cheers, Chris

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  1. Mark Ivanov


    We don't have such plans, but you are right, this parameter reported for MP score (MP score does not require mgf files and works faster if there is fragmentMT in output results files). Also identipy2pin put this value for Percolator input pin files.

    Right now we have developed a new more efficient post-search validation tool and probably we will incorporate it in the future, but it will take some time (Manusript is still not finished).

    Also, I suggest to use pepXML output format right now because it was tested more properly and can be used later by Percolator or MP score.

    Regards, Mark

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