pyteomics 3.4 incompatible with current versions of pepxmltk and cythonize

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Installing pyteomics with conda (from the bioconda channel) installs version 3.4, which appears to incompatible with the current versions of pyteomics.pepxmltk and pyteomics.cythonize available through pip. E.g.

conda create --name some_env python=2.7 -c bioconda pyteomics
conda activate some_env
pip install pyteomics.pepxmltk

Will give an ImportError if I try to use pyteomics, e.g.

>>> from pyteomics import mass
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: cannot import name mass

The same error occurs if pyteomics.cythonize is installed instead of pepxmltk.

However, if I install both pyteomics and the additional modules through pip, pyteomics version 3.4.2 is installed and everything works correctly.

conda create --name some_env python=2.7
conda activate some_env
pip install pyteomics pyteomics.pepxmltk
>>> from pyteomics import mass
>>> mass.calculate_mass(formula="H2O")

Installing just pyteomics through conda without any additional modules also works correctly.

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  1. Lev Levitsky repo owner

    Thanks for reporting. I'm not used to conda and couldn't make your first command work right off the bat, but I see that if I conda install pyteomics and then pip install pyteomics.pepxmltk, it breaks pyteomics imports.

    This happens because pyteomics is installed as an egg: some_env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pyteomics-3.4-py2.7.egg, and pyteomics.pepxmltk installs into some_env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pyteomics. Apparently the import mechanism then ignores the egg when looking for modules.

  2. mglubber reporter

    Thanks for looking into it. I've reported the issues on the bioconda-recipes github (including what you found about the egg vs pyteomics folder), since the issue only appear to be with installation through conda.

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