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Removed Atlassian repository because Maven complained the poms were not valid and the checksums for the jars did not match. Now need to manually upload the repository first, instructions added to ofbiz module.


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-		<!-- This repo only needed to resolve very old OFBiz artifacts and the 
-		     only place I can find the ofbcore anywhere. In addition, the 
-			 checksum for the ofbcore artifacts fails so they checksum is being
-			 ignored for this repo. -->
-		<repository>
-			<id></id>
-			<name>Atlassian Maven 1 Repository</name>
-			<url></url>
-			<layout>legacy</layout>
-			<releases>
-				<checksumPolicy>ignore</checksumPolicy>
-			</releases>
-			<snapshots>
-				<enabled>false</enabled>
-			</snapshots>
-		</repository>
 			<name> Maven 2 Repository</name>