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jqplot-zai / Differences to cleonello / jqplot

Files with changes:


  • src/plugins/jqplot.cursor.js
  • src/jqplot.lineRenderer.js
  • src/jqplot.core.js


  • examples/dynamicplot.html
  • examples/zoomProxy.html

Files only existent on this version

  • src/utils.js
  • src/jqplot.core.changes.js

Description of the changes in each file


  • Added handlers to drag and mouse wheel events on jqplot: onDragStart, onDrag, onDragEnd, onMouseWheel
  • On jqplot.bindCustomEvents binded the added events to the eventCanvas
  • On jqplot.draw only creates the event canvas if it does not exist
  • Added if(must_do_event_canvas_binding) conditions to jqplot.draw to make sure the binding is done only once
  • Added a condition on jqplot.replot to when !clear do not remove the event canvas
  • Added propriety direction to Axis.prototype.init

External logic need by flotzai that was in src/jqplot.core.js:

  • Color plugin remved
  • $.jqplot.closest moved to jqplot/src/jqplot.core.changes.js
  • Using alternative version of $.jqplot.CanvasManager that allows to not erase the event canvas (defined in jqplot/src/jqplot.core.changes.js)