stacky / trunk / data / users-comments-oxPOTIxMXSEfkXRB6Q6hWFnqDs=.txt
{"items":[{"comment_id":7933943,"post_id":6287896,"creation_date":1310706253,"edited":false,"body":"@Alaor - To make this question and answer more helpful it would be great for you to elaborate on what you were screwing up.","owner":{"user_id":646,"display_name":"Luke Foust","reputation":981,"user_type":"registered","profile_image":"","link":""},"reply_to_user":{"user_id":108569,"display_name":"Alaor","reputation":543,"user_type":"registered","profile_image":"","link":""}}],"quota_remaining":-4506,"quota_max":300}
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