I've tried to compile rpy2 under Windows XP and had some success.

Evgeny Cherkashin avatarEvgeny Cherkashin created an issue


I've tried to compile and run rpy2 under windows. The results You'll see in attachment.

The technology is as follows:

1. Download and unpack R sources in C:/R, No LaTeX and Installer needed.

2. Adjust and Compile it as described in http://www.murdoch-sutherland.com/Rtools/ and "R Administration and Installation".

3. Applt the patch.

4. setup R_HOME, PATH so that setup.py could find R.h, etc.

5. python setup.py bdist -c mingw32

6. python setup.py install .... (or bdist_wininst).

To run the tests from http://rpy.sourceforge.net/rpy2/doc-dev/html/overview.html and to use rpy2 in principle environment variables stronly needed. See R_run.bat in attachment. If not to support some of them R.dll either will not load due to impossibility to find other .dll, or it cannot load 'base' packages, or it will die without notification due to impossibility to setup console (see 2-nd procedure call setup_term_ui in R sources).

I hope this will allow You to proceed with Win32 support.

Best regards, Evgeny Cherkashin

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  1. Evgeny Cherkashin

    Test "rinterface" cannot stop, python respawn itself and each copy opens a file dialog to open a file. Some tests run OK, some gave Error. (attachement r_interface.log). The spawned pythons killed by taskmanager.

    Robject tests seems run ok without the respawning (see attachment).

  2. Laurent Gautier
    • changed status to open


    I'll try to apply the patch for a 2.2.5 release. Could try to port it to the default branch (rpy2-2.3.0-dev ?). You could even create patches from mercurial, or clone the repository and send me pull requests, now that you have bitbucket account.

    Otherwise robjects is built upon rinterface, so trouble in rinterface will likely mean trouble in robjects as well. The patch is a step in the right direction by callbacks are sort of important for people build Python-written alternatives to the R console.

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