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Configuration option to disable the strict checking of every revision pushed and only check the correctness of the last revision.

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 You can add as many hooks as you need. From version 0.2.0 it supports the
 pretxnchangegroup hook too.
+When using the pretxnchangegroup hook, hghooks' default behavior is to check
+only the last revision being pushed. If you want to check every new revision,
+you can activate hghooks' strict mode by adding these lines to your hgrc
+ [hghooks]
+ strict_checking = true
+This way you will enforce the correctness of every commit. Offending commits
+would need to be fixed locally using queues.
 How to skip the hooks


         self.node = node
         self.skip_text = skip_text
         self.extension = extension
+        self.strict_checking = self.ui.configbool('hghooks',
+                                                  'strict_checking')
     def skip_file(self, filename, filedata):
         if not filename.endswith(self.extension):
     def check(self, checker):
         warnings = 0
-        current_rev = self.repo[self.node].rev()
         total_revs = len(self.repo.changelog)
+        if self.strict_checking:
+            current_rev = self.repo[self.node].rev()
+        else:
+            # check only files from the last revision
+            current_rev = total_revs - 1
         while current_rev < total_revs:
             rev_warnings = 0
             directory = tempfile.mkdtemp(suffix='-r%d' % current_rev,