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Issue #4 resolved
Waldemar Kornewald
created an issue

hghooks checks all revisions, but this makes it impossible to push a fix because hghooks always rejects my push based on the older revisions. Instead of checking all new revisions, hghooks should only check whether the latest revision validates.

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  1. Lorenzo Gil repo owner

    You can always use Mercurial queus to fix your problem locally before pushing it to the server.

    If you want to push old code that does pass the checks, why not deactivating the hooks in the server before and then activating them so only new commits have to pass them?

  2. Lorenzo Gil repo owner

    I still think there are cases where the correctness of every commit matters.

    But yes, I guess you are right and the common case is the one you describe. So, you convinced me and I'm open to that change. Instead of reverting what we have now, I would prefer that both behaviours will be available and the administrator chooses which wnat he wants by using a configuration switch. Something like

    strict_checking = true
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