HorizontalBarChart does not properly display the axis labels

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Lorenzo Gil
repo owner created an issue

Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a horizontal bar chart.

Expected outcome: The label axis should match the data.

Actual outcome: Although the bars are now horizontal, the axis labels have not changed. This means that the labels do not match the data.

The image at /trunk/examples/hbarchart.png shows the problem. Notice how "lines" is the label for the files, and "files" is the label for the number of lines.

Proposed fix: I don't know if this is the correct fix, but I put a custom _renderAxis method in the HorizontalBarChart class in bary.py that swaps the labels. It duplicates code, but it works.

We might want to create a separate _renderLabels method in chart.py that would get overwritten by HorizontalBarChart class.

Note: this issue was imported from http://www.lorenzogil.com/projects/pycha/ticket/30

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