Increase constructor params

Issue #3 resolved
Ilia Pavlovets created an issue

It can be useful for matrix creation. At least 9 parameters need for 3x3 matrix for 2D games. I modified my OOLua already for it so i don't know how much it needed in main branch. Just to notice.

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  1. Ilia Pavlovets reporter

    And may be more function members? I have one class with 17 useful functions. After refactoring i think there will be much less functions but now i modified OOLua again.

  2. Liam Devine repo owner

    Ilia defaults for the library were chosen due to my own visions on how it would be used and whilst you may have a valid point for a 3x3 matrix this could also be said for a 4x4. However, regardless of my own opinions the library does provide the ability to easily change the defaults, which I am sure you can attest to.

    It could be argued that a generated file should not be in the repository or in a download but my personal preference is for a generated file with reasonable defaults to be present. I am therefore going to close this issue but thank you for raising it.

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