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+devsrvr is a simple tool to ease local web development in the [Go](http://golang.org/) programming language.
+Its main purpose in life is to sit in front of your webapp and automatically recompile it as needed when
+new requests come in, making the edit/reload cycle much quicker and more productive.
+Find the project online at http://bitbucket.org/liamstask/devsrvr
+devsrvr has a couple expectations (at the moment):
+* you use gomake to build your project
+* your app listens via http directly (fcgi and others not yet supported)
+If that works for you, then all that remains is the following:
+* create a config file called 'app.json' at the root level of your app, that looks like:
+    {
+        "App": "myapp",
+        "DevServerAddress": "",
+        "AppAddress": "",
+        "StartupTime": 10000000
+    }
+  * 'App' is the name of your app's binary - this is the only required field
+  * 'DevServerAddress' is the address that devsrvr will listen on - this is the one to enter into our browser
+  * 'AppAddress' is the address to connect to your app on - essentially anything different than DevServerAddress is probably fine. Make sure
+  this matches whatever your app is configured to listen on.
+  * 'StartupTime' is an optional field to specify how long to wait (in nanoseconds) before connecting to your app after rebuilding it
+* devsrvr also currently assumes your Makefile is at the root level of your app as well, though that should probably be configurable
+Now, navigate to your app's root directory and invoke `devsrvr`. Enter the value you used for 'DevServerAddress' into your browser
+and you should see your app. Make an edit, and reload your browser - magic!
+devsrvr is available under the [Apache License, Version 2.0](http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html).

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     "App": "myapp",
-    "DevServerAddress": "",
+    "DevServerAddress": "",
     "AppAddress": "",
     "StartupTime": 10000000