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 Its main purpose in life is to sit in front of your webapp and automatically recompile it as needed when
 new requests come in, making the edit/reload cycle much quicker and more productive.
-Find the project online at []
 ## Usage
 To use devsrvr, you need to adjust your app to accept a flag called `addr`, which it uses to configure the address it listens on. A simple example looks like:
 By default, devsrvr will listen on `localhost:8000`, and instruct your app to listen on `localhost:8888`.
-So, to see your app you'd run `devsrvr /path/to/my/app`, and visit `localhost:8000` in your browser.
+So, to see your app you'd run
+    `devsrvr /path/to/my/app`
+and visit `localhost:8000` in your browser.
 Each time you refresh the page, devsrvr will check whether your app needs to be rebuilt, and handle it if necessary. Any build errors are returned to you in the browser.