Liam Staskawicz avatar Liam Staskawicz committed 07a98ef

* handle deprecated UNDEFINED bson type

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   ** This isn't checked for performance sake, but the data will not 
   ** be written correctly if it's not.
-  static Void write(OutStream out, Map obj)
+  static Void write(OutStream out, Str:Obj? obj)
     BsonWriter.write(out, obj)


         case BsonType.TIMESTAMP.val: // both have the same format
         case BsonType.DATE.val:
           remaining = readDate(ins, remaining, bson)
+        case BsonType.UNDEFINED.val:
         case BsonType.NULL.val:
           remaining = readNull(ins, remaining, bson)
         // case BsonType.REGEX.val:
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