Liam Staskawicz avatar Liam Staskawicz committed 43b85c6

* mark Collection.get with @Operator for fantom build 1.0.56
* remove parens from 0-param methods

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     users := Collection(this, "system.users")
     Str:Obj? u := users.findOne(["user": username]) ?: ["user": username]
     u["pwd"] = pwdHash(username, password)
   Str[] users()
-    return Collection(this, "system.users").find().toList().map |Str:Obj? o->Str|{
+    return Collection(this, "system.users") |Str:Obj? o->Str|{
       return o["user"]
   // so we can say db["collname"]
+  @Operator
   Collection get(Str name)
     return Collection(this, name)
   Str[] collectionNames()
     names := Str[,]
-    Collection(this, "system.namespaces").find().toList().each |v, i| {
+    Collection(this, "system.namespaces").find.toList.each |v, i| {
       Str s := (v as Map)["name"]
       if (!s.contains("system.") && !s.contains("\$"))
   List profilingInfo()
-    return Collection(this, "system.profile").find().toList
+    return Collection(this, "system.profile").find.toList
   Str? lastErr()
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