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* slightly more complete

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         if(len + 4 != totallen)
           throw MongoOpErr("BSON - bad data size got subtype 0x02 len: $len, totallen: $totallen")
         val = ins.readBufFully(null, len)
+      default:
+        val = ins.readBufFully(null, totallen)
     bson[name] = val
     return remaining - (name.size + totallen + 6)  // 6 == 1 null, 4 len, 1 type


     writeCStr(b.out, key)
-    b.writeI4(bin.size + 4).write(bbt).writeI4(bin.size)
+    switch(bbt) {
+      case Bson.BIN_LENGTH:
+        b.writeI4(bin.size + 4).write(bbt).writeI4(bin.size)
+      default:
+        b.writeI4(bin.size).write(bbt)
+    }
     // don't disturb the pos
     p := bin.pos
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