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kristian puccio created an issue

Just recently I had an issue where I merged a branch and there was a migration in the merged branch that was older than the migration I had run in my current branch.

So I had missed a migration and had no way of knowing other than goose status.

It would be great to have an option to always run all the pending migrations regardless of whether they are the latest or not.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Of course, @kpuccio, this is just a proposal. I'm not really clear on the flow of goose, nor the roadmap. So. I'd really appreciate feedback from @liamstask in order to know what to improve.

  2. aaronbrashears

    With multiple developers working on a shared database, we run into this issue frequently so we end up creating a new migration with the old DDL in it so that we can apply the migration. I feeel like up should do what up_all did in the canceled pull request. @liamstask, do you have a preferred way to make it possible to apply pending migrations?

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