Is this project dead?

Issue #58 open
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I use it in production, if is dead I will make a fork of it if the author doesn't mind

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  1. Vojtech Vitek

    We maintain the following fork on Github:

    • No config files
    • Default goose binary can migrate SQL files only
    • Go migrations:
      • We dropped building Go migrations on-the-fly from .go source files
      • Instead, you can create your own goose binary, import package and run complex Go migrations with your own *sql.DB connection
      • Each Go migration function is called with *sql.Tx argument - within its own transaction
    • The goose pkg is decoupled from the default binary:
      • goose pkg doesn't register any SQL drivers anymore (no driver panic() conflict within your codebase!)
      • goose pkg doesn't have any vendor dependencies anymore

    In progress:

    • Go migrations as plugins (dynamic .so/.dll libraries)

    • Optionally allow migration NOT to run in a transaction

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