gosc / ReadMe.md


Pure Go (http://golang.org) support for OSC (http://opensoundcontrol.org)

Docs are available at http://go.pkgdoc.org/bitbucket.org/liamstask/gosc


go get bitbucket.org/liamstask/gosc


import (

m := &osc.Message{Address: "/my/message"}
m.Args = append(m.Args, int32(12345))
m.Args = append(m.Args, "important")

// error checking omitted for brevity...
addr, _ := net.ResolveUDPAddr("udp", "")
conn, _ := net.DialUDP("udp", nil, addr)

numbytes, err := m.WriteTo(conn)
if err != nil {
    // handle error

See the tests for more detailed usage.

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