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Ondřej Surý  committed 0b345cf

Remove MAX and MIN now provided by gd_intern.h, and use MAXPATHLEN instead of MAX_PATH

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 #define TRUE !FALSE
-#define MIN(a,b) ((a)<(b)?(a):(b))
 BGD_DECLARE(char *) gdImageStringTTF (gdImage * im, int *brect, int fg, char *fontlist,
                                       double ptsize, double angle, int x, int y, char *string)
 	char *fontsearchpath, *fontlist;
 	char *fullname = NULL;
 	char *name, *dir;
-	char path[MAX_PATH];
+	char path[MAXPATHLEN];
 	char *strtok_ptr = NULL;
 	const unsigned int name_list_len = strlen(name_list);