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- move jpn docs to docs/

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-	gd $B%i%$%V%i%j$GF|K\8lJ8;zNs$r;H$&>e$G$NCm0U;v9`(B
-					$B;32l@5?M(B (
-gd-1.7.0 $B$+$i$O$=$N$^$^$G(B gdImageStringTTF() $B$KBP$7$F(B
-SJIS encoding $B$N%U%)%s%H$,;HMQ$G$-$^$9!#(B
-	$B"((B Unicode encoding $B$N%U%)%s%H$KBP$7$F$OF|K\8lJ8;zNs$r(B UTF-8 $B$G(B
-	   $B;XDj$9$l$PF|K\8l$,I=<($G$-$^$9!#(B
-$B$D$^$j(B gdImageStringTTF() $B$G(B SJIS encoding $B$N%U%)%s%H$r;XDj$9$k$H(B
-$BJ8;zNs$OL5>r7o$KF|K\8l$G$"$k$H2r<a$5$l!"4A;z%3!<%I(B (EUC, SJIS, 7bit JIS)
-$B99$K(B UNICODE encoding $B$N%U%)%s%H$KBP$7$F$b(B JIS $B7O$NF|K\8l(B (EUC, SJIS, 7bit JIS)
-$B$r;HMQ$9$k>l9g$O!"%3%s%Q%$%k;~$K(B -DJISX0208 $B$rIU$1$F%3%s%Q%$%k$7$F$/$@$5$$!#(B
-$B$3$&$9$k$H(B gdImageStringTTF() $B$G;XDj$5$l$?J8;zNs$K(B ASCII $B0J30$NJ8;z$,$"$k$H(B
-$B$?$@$7$3$N>l9g$O(B UTF-8 $B$NF|K\8lJ8;zNs$r07$($J$/$J$j$^$9$N$G!"(B
-$B$4MxMQ$N4D6-Ey$K1~$8$F(B -DJISX0208 $B$rIU$1$k$+H]$+$r7h$a$F$/$@$5$$!#(B
-$B4A;z%3!<%I$NJQ49$K(B OS $BIUB0$N(B iconv() $B$r;H$&>l9g$O(B
-CFLAGS $B$K(B -DHAVE_ICONV $B$rIU$1$F%3%s%Q%$%k$7$F$/$@$5$$!#(B
-$B$3$N>l9g$K(B -DHAVE_STDARG_H $B$H(B -DHAVE_ERRNO_H $B$bIU$1$F$*$/$H(B
-$B!y(B EUC $B$+(B SJIS $B$+H=JL$G$-$J$+$C$?>l9g$N4A;z%3!<%I$NH=JLJ}K!(B
-	(1) $B4D6-JQ?t(B LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, LANG $B$r$3$N=gHV$G%A%'%C%/$9$k(B
-	(2) $B4D6-JQ?t$+$i$bH=JL$G$-$J$+$C$?>l9g$O(B UNIX $B$J$i$P(B EUC$B!"(B
-	    Win32 $B$J$i$P(B SJIS $B$H8+$J$9(B
-$B%3%s%Q%$%k;~$K(B -DSJISPRE $B$rIU$1$F%3%s%Q%$%k$9$l$P!"(BUNIX $B$G$"$C$F$b(B
-SJIS $B$rM%@h$9$k$h$&$K$J$j$^$9!#(B
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