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- #97, ease the creation of regexps to match symbols/functions

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 	based on the alpha channel value of the source color.
 	The resulting color is opaque. */
-   BGD_DECLARE(int) gdAlphaBlend (int dest, int src);
+BGD_DECLARE(int) gdAlphaBlend (int dest, int src);
   typedef struct gdImageStruct
 BGD_DECLARE(int) gdFontCacheSetup (void);
 /* Optional: clean up after application is done using fonts in 
-BGD_DECLARE( ) gdImageStringFT(). */
+ gdImageStringFT(). */
 BGD_DECLARE(void) gdFontCacheShutdown (void);
 /* 2.0.20: for backwards compatibility. A few applications did start calling
  this function when it first appeared although it was never documented.