pajoye  committed 60bc140

- add gdImageFlip* declaration
- nuke unused variables
- fix signatures (thx Alexey for the head up!)

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  • Branches GD-2.0

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 BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageAutoCrop(gdImagePtr im, const unsigned int mode);
 BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageThresholdCrop(gdImagePtr im, const unsigned int color, const int threshold);
+BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImageFlipHorizontal(gdImagePtr im);
+BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImageFlipVertical(gdImagePtr im);
+BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImageFlipBoth(gdImagePtr im);
 /* Macros to access information about images. */

File src/gd_transform.c

 #include "gd.h"
 gdImageFlipHorizontal(gdImagePtr im)
-	int *p1, *p2, *src;
-	register int x, y, tmp;
+	register int x, y;
 	if (im->trueColor) {
 	return 1;
 gdImageFlipVertical(gdImagePtr im)
 	int x, y;
-	int w = im->sx;
-	int h = im->sy;
 	if (im->trueColor) {
 		int p;