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* avoid memory leak in case of gdRealloc's failure
* strdup() should be accompanied by free()

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       /* 2.0.22: Thorben Kundinger: +8 is needed, not +6. */
       fullname = gdRealloc (fullname,
                           strlen (fontsearchpath) + strlen (name) + 8);
+      if (!fullname) {
+          free (path);
+          free (fontlist);
+          return "could not alloc full path of font";
+      }
       /* if name is an absolute or relative pathname then test directly */
 #ifdef NETWARE
       /* netware uses the format "volume:/path" or the standard "/path" */
               /* 2.0.16: memory leak fixed, Gustavo Scotti */
-              gdFree (path);
+              free (path);
-      gdFree (path);
+      free (path);
       if (font_found)
-  gdFree (fontlist);
+  free (fontlist);
   if (!font_found)
       gdFree (fullname);
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