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pajoye  committed ba55cfc

- update version nr
- update links
- update bug report link

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 #HEY! Change BOTH the vesion number and the GDLIB_REVISION setting!
-AC_INIT([GD], [2.0.33], [gd@boutell.com])
+AC_INIT([GD], [2.0.34], [http://bugs.libgd.org])
 #Expanded by tests later in this file. TBB 2.0.26
 #2.0.28: GIF is standard now. Doesn't depend on anything else,
 #so we always build it.

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 <LI><A HREF="#informing"><strong>Please</strong>
  tell us you're using gd!</A>
 <LI><A HREF="#support">How do I get support?</A>
+<LI><A HREF="#issues">How do I report issues, bugs or features request?</A>
 <LI><A HREF="#index">Alphabetical quick index</A>
 <P><A HREF="http://www.libgd.org/">
 In order to resolve any possible confusion regarding the authorship
 of gd, the following copyright statement covers all of the authors
 who have required such a statement. <strong>If you are aware of any oversights
-in this copyright notice, please contact the
-<a href="http://www.libgd.org/wiki/Special:Contact">LibGD maintainers</a> who will be
+in this copyright notice, please contact <A HREF="http://libgd.org/Contact">Pierre-A. Joye</A> who will be
 pleased to correct them.</strong>
 Anyone can mail questions about the gd library using the 
 <a href="http://www.libgd.org/Wiki/Support">LibGD support</a>. However, 
-we receive a very large volume of email on many subjects, and while vw do
+we receive a very large volume of email on many subjects, and while we do
 our best to respond to all queries this can take some time. Sometimes 
 the response must take the form of an eventual new release or
  an addition to a FAQ or other document, as opposed to an detailed individual response.
 from the maintaines, at the rate of $50/hr, billed
 directly by credit card. Purchase orders are also accepted from
 Fortune 500 corporations and institutions in good standing.
-To make arrangements, contact 
-<a href="http://www.libgd.org/wiki/Special:Contact">libGD Commercial support</a>. To avoid delay
+To make arrangements, contact <A HREF="http://www.libgd.org/Contact">Pierre-A. Joye</A>. To avoid delay
 and/or confusion, be sure to specifically mention that you wish to purchase gd support at the
 hourly rate above.
+<A NAME="issues"><H3>How do I report issues, bugs or features request?</H3></A>
+Bugs, feature requests or other issues can be reported using the 
+<A HREF="http://bugs.libgd.org">libGD.org issues tracker.</A> as well as using
+one of our support channels: <a href="http://www.libgd.org/Wiki/Support">LibGD support</a>
 <H3><A NAME="index">Alphabetical quick index</A></H3>
 <A HREF="#gdAntiAliased">gdAntiAliased</A> |
 <A HREF="#gdBrushed">gdBrushed</A> |