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- #12, initialize the sig buf not infile, good that we don't use getC...

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 #10, gdImageFilledEllipse does not respect transparency
 #11, gdImageCreateFromPng* possible crash with empty file
      (Thanks Antony Dovgal to have catched it)
+#12, gdImageCreateFromPngCrx, initialize the signature buffer not the infile
+     CTX (Takeshi Abe)

File src/gd_png.c

   /* Make sure the signature can't match by dumb luck -- TBB */
   /* GRR: isn't sizeof(infile) equal to the size of the pointer? */
-  memset (infile, 0, sizeof (infile));
+	memset (sig, 0, sizeof (sig));
   /* first do a quick check that the file really is a PNG image; could
    * have used slightly more general png_sig_cmp() function instead */