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nlopess  committed ffe42f1

export the TIFF API

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 BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageCreateFromJpegCtx (gdIOCtx * infile);
 BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageCreateFromJpegPtr (int size, void *data);
+BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageCreateFromTiff(FILE *inFile);
+BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageCreateFromTiffCtx(gdIOCtx *infile);
+BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageCreateFromTiffPtr(int size, void *data);
 /* A custom data source. */
 /* The source function must return -1 on error, otherwise the number
         of bytes fetched. 0 is EOF, not an error! */
 BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImagePng (gdImagePtr im, FILE * out);
 BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImagePngCtx (gdImagePtr im, gdIOCtx * out);
 BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImageGifCtx (gdImagePtr im, gdIOCtx * out);
+BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImageTiff(gdImagePtr im, FILE *outFile);
+BGD_DECLARE(void *) gdImageTiffPtr(gdImagePtr im, int *size);
+BGD_DECLARE(void) gdImageTiffCtx(gdImagePtr image, gdIOCtx *out);
 /* 2.0.12: Compression level: 0-9 or -1, where 0 is NO COMPRESSION at all,
   1 is FASTEST but produces larger files, 9 provides the best