gd-libgd / src / gd_png.c

Diff from to


 #include <stdio.h>
 #include <math.h>
 #include <string.h>
 #include <stdlib.h>
 #include "gd.h"
+/* JCE: Arrange HAVE_LIBPNG so that it can be set in gd.h */
 #include "gdhelpers.h"
 #include "png.h"		/* includes zlib.h and setjmp.h */
   gdImagePtr im;
   gdIOCtx *in = gdNewFileCtx (inFile);
   im = gdImageCreateFromPngCtx (in);
-  in->free (in);
+  in->gd_free (in);
   return im;
   png_bytep image_data = NULL;
   png_bytepp row_pointers = NULL;
   gdImagePtr im = NULL;
-  int i, j, *open;
+  int i, j, *open = NULL;
   volatile int transparent = -1;
   volatile int palette_allocated = FALSE;
   gdIOCtx *out = gdNewFileCtx (outFile);
   gdImagePngCtx (im, out);
-  out->free (out);
+  out->gd_free (out);
 void *
   gdIOCtx *out = gdNewDynamicCtx (2048, NULL);
   gdImagePngCtx (im, out);
   rv = gdDPExtractData (out, size);
-  out->free (out);
+  out->gd_free (out);
   return rv;
 gdImagePngCtx (gdImagePtr im, gdIOCtx * outfile)
-  int i, j, bit_depth, interlace_type;
+  int i, j, bit_depth = 0, interlace_type;
   int width = im->sx;
   int height = im->sy;
   int colors = im->colorsTotal;
       int i;
       int j;
       int k;
-      int highTrans = -1;
       for (i = 0; (i < im->colorsTotal); i++)
 	  if ((!im->open[i]) &&
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