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Chris Reuter
Added beginnings of an updated manual This changeset adds scripts and frontmatter for a user manual for LibGD. The manual is written using naturaldoc. That is, the actual manual (minus some front-matter taken from the manual for version 2.0.36) is generated from specially-formatted comments in the source code. has been modified to also trigger generation of the manual.
Takeshi Abe
We have moved to git
Vincent Bernat
Fix build with autotools. `` and `` are moved in the top directory. `` is completed to execute `libtoolize`. The list of files to clean is reduced. Other files can be cleaned with `make distclean`. `src/` is fixed for missing `gd_nnquant.c` dependency. `ACX_PTHREAD` macro is moved to a `m4` directory to make `` easier to read. --HG-- branch : fix/autotools renam…