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gd-libgd / Makefile.am

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Ondřej Surý
Make distcheck work (fixes #54)
Pierre Joye
fixes #48, include bootstrap.sh in release
Ondřej Surý
Build and check all tests from tests/ subdirectory in the make check target
Pierre Joye
add main CMakeLists.txt to dist
Pierre Joye
include these dirs in distributions
Ondřej Surý
Merge outstanding autotools changes
Vincent Bernat
Fix build with autotools. `configure.ac` and `bootstrap.sh` are moved in the top directory. `bootstrap.sh` is completed to execute `libtoolize`. The list of files to clean is reduced. Other files can be cleaned with `make distclean`. `src/Makefile.am` is fixed for missing `gd_nnquant.c` dependency. `ACX_PTHREAD` macro is moved to a `m4` directory to make `configure.ac` easier to read. --HG-- branch : fix/autotools renam…