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Would it be possible to have a binary windows version to download, including zlib, freetype, etc.?

Compiling it all by oneself takes forever, because their make processes are all differently organized, and the explanations for msvc aren´t very clear in all of them.

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  1. Nathanael Jones

    Our dependency repository is based on the precompiled binaries provided with the PHP SDK, which are built with msvc and should be identical. If you have a script that can produce them from /winlibs/ that would be great.

    We've each put dozens of hours into coaxing cmake to build libgd on windows; no success. Many libraries also tend to version their complete windows Makefiles, which I think is a great idea. cmake is rarely backwards-compatible on windows - when a release actually happens to run there.

    For our work, we do need continuous integration, so unless compilation can be completely scripted on a fresh VM - it's not really usable.

  2. Nathanael Jones

    I plan on refactoring our build/test scripts a bit more before I submit a pull request. Has anyone started a travis-ci configuration? It would be great to get a matrix going so breaking commits can be caught faster.

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