can't compile gnuplot with GIF support

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I compiled libgd-2.1.0 from source on rhel5: ./configure --with-readline=gnu --prefix=/usr/pppl/gnuplot/4.6.4 --with-gd=/usr/pppl/libgd/2.1.0

When configuring gnuplot-4.6.4 with gd support (./configure --with-readline=gnu --with-gd=/usr/pppl/libgd/2.1.0 --prefix=/usr/pppl/gnuplot/4.6.4), I get:

X Window System terminal: yes (with multi-byte fonts) (enable plotting to windows opened by external apps) (with application defaults, in /etc/X11/app-defaults/) jpeg terminal: no (requires libgd with jpeg support) gif terminal: no (requires libgd with gif support) png terminal: no (requires libgd with png support) (jpeg, gif and png terminals cannot use TTF fonts, requires libgd support) pdf terminal: no (requires libpdf) linux terminal (vga console): no (use --with-linux-vga to enable, requires SVGAlib)

/usr/pppl/libgd/2.1.0/bin/gdlib-config --features GD_XPM GD_FONTCONFIG GD_FREETYPE GD_PNG GD_GIF GD_GIFANIM GD_OPENPOLYGON

Any help is appreciated. Thank you,


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  1. Irena Johnson

    I thought libgd had complied with GIF support, but it did not. Please see below:

    $ gdlib-config --libs -lgd -lz -lm -lpng16 -lfreetype -lfontconfig -lfontconfig -lXpm -lX11

    Any advice? Thank you,

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