Latest version has no configure file...

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I'm probably just too inexperienced to understand what is going on and how to compile without a ./configure file, but it appears that the latest release of the library has no configure file. How do I compile?

Never mind -- I needed to install cmake!

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  1. Anonymous

    OK. Here is what you do: From

    1) Download the source for libgd from:

    2) Extract the tar ball

    3) Edit the file src/ and remove the 4 lines that start with 'AM_ICONV'

    4) Go into the src directory and run: "ln -s ../config config" and "ln -s ../test test"

    5) Now (still in src) run "sh"

    6) Now (still in src) run "autoreconf -fvi"

    (Hopefully you have had no errors by this point)

    7) Now (still in src) run "./configure"

  2. L X

    sorry, I know it's been a while since this thread was active, but I'm running into the same problem with the latest version and the previous fix doesn't seem to work (running "In -s ../config config" and "ln -s ../test test" does nothing and "sh" or "autoreconf -fvi" are not found. help?

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