how to build on systems without cmake ?

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I'm trying to build libgd on an AIX 6.1 platform, with no cmake or autoconf / automake or hg installed . Where is a script for the package ? none of your source tar files contain one nor can I find one under the hg HTTP source pages . I tried running 'automake' and 'autoconf'', which produces a src/configure, but no file. libgd used to need only GNU make - why has it moved to using a less powerful, flexible and available make program ? In my corporate environment a very old version of libgd that used gmake was "approved", meaning that we can build and use it, but cmake is not. Now we want to start using the newer libgd, we cannot build it . Has anyone built libgd without cmake on an AIX platform ? Please restore the ability of libgd to compile on SVR4 UNIX - thanks!

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