Poor maximum JPEG quality.

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The maximum JPEG quality is poor comparing to other tools, like ImageMagick or Photoshop.

The colors are lost even at quality=100.

See http://oserv.org/bugs/gd/ for original (.png) / GD(.gd.jpg) / ImageMagick (*.im.jpg) comparison.

Everything was done using maximum quality settings.

Was tested using php and perl, the results are the same.

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  1. phmarek NA

    Hurts me too - I'd have expected _no_ artefacts at quality 100.

    BTW, is there some "uncompressed" saving of JPEGs? I'd need them only as mjpeg stream for ffmpeg, any saved CPU load would be welcome.

  2. Pierre Joye

    afair jpeg8 and later offers lossless compression.

    I did not test yet if the 100 quality goes lossless or if we need an extra option.

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