Problems found by Coverity static analysis tool

Issue #28 resolved
Jan Horak created an issue

A static analysis using Coverity has been performed on libgd source. List of defects is attached. Some of the problems have straight fix so I'll attach several patches, that can be applied for gd-2.0.35 source.

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  1. Pierre Joye


    Thanks for the reports!

    Would it be possible to give me access to the web frontend to review the analyzes there as well?

    About the patches, it seems that there are some WS issues, could you fix them please?

  2. Jan Horak reporter

    Unfortunately we are not allowed to give anybody access to the web frontend, all we are permitted to provide publicly is the log I've attached, but it's quite verbose and you should find all the needed info there.

    I've also rebased patches (will attach) to the current repository content, some of the issues have been already fixed, so the following patches will be a bit shorter and hopefully WS clean this time.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    All HIGH issues emitted by Coverity should be fixed now. There are some left-overs in test(s)/ directory and some other smaller issues, but generally the code should be clean now.

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