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Is there any areas where I can work on to contribute something as a developer to libgd?

Please let me know

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  1. Takeshi Abe


    I think you can contribute/suggest your idea to the developers by submitting proper issues, as well as patches.

  2. Rashad Kanavath

    Thanks. I talked about pierre joye and he told me about having pixman buffer in gd. It was a chat discussion and I cant recollect all of it. So to get to know more I just asked here. ofcourse fixing current bugs is a very good thing to learn and help. but I liked the pixman stuff a lot. So If pierrejoye is reading it and if he can explain a bit about it that will be great

  3. Pierre Joye

    @bugbrains what are you looking for exactly? You can pick up a task, fork libgd, submit pull requests, very straightforward.

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