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I see that the GD library in PHP has WebP support. What about the standalone GD here?

And libwebp-0.1.2 was released in Apr 1, 2011, will WebP support depends on it?

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  1. Pierre Joye

    Yes, php's gd in trunk and 5.4 already uses this library. It was developed using the development tree of libwebp and patches have been sent to google as well (windows support and other similar things).

  2. Pierre Joye

    It uses libwebp, google's reference implementation for webp. Which is a subset of what libvpx does. Earlier webp support (the 1st I implemented) was using specific code and libvpx for the compression.

  3. Anonymous

    Then where is the latest version of php-gd?

    In /, I can find the earlier (using libvpx) implementation only.

    The libwebp implementation should use webp/decode.h and webp/encode.h, but nowhere I can find it.

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