Migrate to autoconf 2.69 for arm 64 support

Issue #36 resolved
Honza Horak created an issue

I've got a bug report [1], that gd contains config.guess and config.sub, which don't support arm 64 (aarch64). The support was added in autoconf 2.69.

I'm unfortunately not able to confirm this bug, because I don't have an access to ARM 64 machine currently.

Would it be possible to migrate these scripts to newer version to be able to build gd on arm 64 smoothly?

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=925393

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  1. Pierre Joye

    Should it not be simply about running buildconf again? I can generate configure again using 2.6+ but I don't have it yet on my linux boxes.

    However I'm pretty sure it should work if you regenerate it yourself, either from releases or from a checkout (take gd-2.0 for the 2.0 serie). We do the same for php or other projects, should be no issue. Can you confirm it works out for him?

  2. Honza Horak reporter

    I'm not able to confirm if re-generation works but I also believe it does. However, I reported it here since I also believe it should be working out of the box on all arches, so it would be good to include current files (with aarch64 support) in the next gd release.

  3. Pierre Joye

    I will see if I can get autoconf 2.69 to work on my dev VMs and will generate configure and co using it.

  4. Pierre Joye

    I will release 2.1.0-beta during the weekend. If you could submit a PR for a buildconf.sh which checks the autoconf version, I will happily use it and try to install 2.69 in parallel to other versions on my dev boxes.

    If you do not have the time, I will try anyway, but won't have much time to debug autoconf possible new issues :-)

  5. Pierre Joye

    Quick note, autoconf works again now, thanks Vincent for updating&fixing everything.

    You can try using 2.69 locally:

    ./bootstrap.sh ./configure ... make

    Sadly I can't install 2.69 on my linux VMs, only 2.64 is the newest available.

  6. Mike Frysinger

    could the Redhat guys please talk to each other and stop spreading this misinformation? this is like the 4th or 5th project i've seen you guys post to and i've had to correct you.

    this has nothing to do with autoconf. that package doesn't ship config.{sub,guess}. further, those files are from the GNU config project, not any particular autotool project. automake & libtool do include snapshots, but most [sane] distros delete those and symlink them to up-to-date snapshots.

    the package manager you use itself should be fixed to automatically update these files rather than trying to get random projects to regeneration their autotool projects. that's an intractable (and pointless) problem.

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