Bad rendering of PNG image

Issue #39 invalid
Former user created an issue

if you take the image attached and run it through this code you will get the 2nd attachment. Note the blue background which should not be there.


    $image_url= image_URL.png';
    $data=  file_get_contents( $image_url, false, null, -1, 500000); 

    $image= imagecreatefromstring  ($data);
    header("Content-type: image/png");

Gd version tested:

GD Support enabled GD Version 2.0 FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype FreeType Version 2.4.8 T1Lib Support enabled GIF Read Support enabled GIF Create Support enabled JPEG Support enabled libJPEG Version unknown PNG Support enabled libPNG Version 1.2.46 WBMP Support enabled

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