add make tests

Issue #46 resolved
Pierre Joye created an issue

make tests must be added so tests can be automated.

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  1. Pierre Joye reporter

    I fixed #45, lack of coffee (can't drink it anymore for a week) made me blind. config.h was included after gd.h which made the export stuff using the wrong clause.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    This works now; but you need to fix the CMake part.

    Some tests are still failing though.

    I have also tested the build for all 512 --with/without configure options, and it at least builds.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Yes, I remember Debian with libc5 :-P.

    ../../gd-libgd/tests/jpeg/jpeg_read.c:28: Total pixels changed: 18218 with a maximum channel difference of 0. ../../gd-libgd/tests/jpeg/jpeg_read.c:29: gdAssertImageEqualsToFile failed. FAIL: jpeg/jpeg_read

  4. Pierre Joye reporter

    hm, weird :)

    Which system uses it? And what's the delta? Is it something we can detect and fix?

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