windows library name: bgd or gd?

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Marcin Wojdyr created an issue

It's a question rather than bug report. When writing a build script for a program that uses gd I noticed that in gd cmake the library is named bgd on Windows, and when using autotools it's gd like on other systems. I've read somewhere that bgd is to avoid some conflicts. It it the case? I wonder if I should check for libgd in addition to bgd and bgd-static on Windows?

And completely unrelated: it would be handy to have the last stable download in the Downloads tab.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Marcin, I think we are very close to first RC1 (or something like that)[1], so it probably doesn't make put another preview to Downloads tab.

    1. It would help to speed up the process, if somebody could help us search for the cause of the differences in PHP failed tests listed in #55.
  2. Marcin Wojdyr reporter

    Pierre: indeed, I haven't noticed this change.

    Ondřej: I was thinking about old stable release (ver. 2.0.35 ?)

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    @wojdyr Well, I would say the problem is that we don't have 2.0.35 nor 2.0.36rc tagged in our git, so it's hard to say what the contens should be. Also those releases are full of CVEs, so I am not sure it's a good idea to propagate them at all.

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