gd_bmp.c use of both ceil() and ceill() deliberate?

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Line 795 of gd_bmp.c uses the ceill() function (two "l"s). Line 863 of gd_bmp.c uses the ceil() function (one "l").

Is this deliberate? Given the definition of the width member of "bmp_info_t", I believe "ceil()" (one "l") is sufficient. Please clarify.

Some platforms' libm don't implement ceill(), so result is undefined symbol during linking (NetBSD/macppc-6.99.24). (Also, some silently succeed anyway (NetBSD/{i386,amd64}-{current,6.1_STABLE}) even without prototype or implementation).

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  1. Jean-Pierre Flori

    Hi all,

    I concur it is also problematic on Cygwin and that using ceil seems enough.

    Best, JP

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