Merge missing functions to compile PHP GD library

#3 Merged at 04d3908
  1. Former user


this will need careful review and there are still some changes in the GD library functionality not merged from PHP to GD version (number of tests are still failing due different output of some functions).

But this at least makes the API complete PHP GD extension wise.

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  1. Pierre Joye

    Not sure we need the AA for PHP. Actually PHP never exposed nor used these functions but the other AA functions for line and co.

    I would rather not provide the overlay methods as well, they are really not complete and I would hate to have to maintain them forever. GD 2.2 will have a blending API which can be used for the same purposes and will also provide what these functions try to provide. Also if really desired we can add the overlay functions to gd PHP's code.


  2. Former user Account Deleted author

    Whatever suits you, but you will have to modify PHP GD ext yourself then :).

    I have an already working (it compiles, runs and don't segfault) matching patch for PHP 5.5.0-alpha3 and I have tried to limit the exposing of the gd-libgd functions to minimum.

  3. Former user Account Deleted author

    BTW would it be possible for PHP 5.6 to REQUIRE libgd 2.1.x? e.g. don't maintain the horrible, horrible #ifdefs around

  4. Pierre Joye

    Not sure my other comment made it here :)

    Do you have a php's git account? You should have one and I can give you access to php-src, or ext/gd :)

  5. Former user Account Deleted author

    I do have PHP account (ondrej -at- ), I just don't have access anywhere.

  6. Pierre Joye

    done ext/gd, do you need/like php-src/? (don't know if you work on other areas too :)

  7. Former user Account Deleted author

    Should I split this pull request into individual parts? We will need to merged the jpeg Ex functions and some other parts anyway. So I'll just drop the AA from this pull request. Would that be ok?

  8. Former user Account Deleted author

    Pierre, could you check it now? This pull request adds jpeg*Ex functions, the gdImageXbmCtx from PHP (we need to solve the licensing issue though) and gdImageColorMatch (also from PHP).

  9. Pierre Joye

    Go ahead with the license, it is clearly a port/copy-paste from gd. No issue here and I know Marcus very well, he won't have any opposition :)

  10. Pierre Joye

    About gdImageColorMatch, looks good too. We have to be careful with the doc to do not create confusions with gdColorMatch (gd_color.c) :)