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 3, Initialize variables in tweenColorTest, fix cache
 4, gdImageFill, multiple segfaults with patterns or invalid arguments
 5, gdImageRectangle draws corners twice
 6, GIF Output does use the transparent color with truecolor images
 7, Multiple security issues in GIF loader
 8, gdIimageCopy doen't use the alpha channel
 9, Add autogen and and misc configure/makefile
10, gdImageFilledEllipse does not respect transparency
11, gdImageCreateFromPng*  crashes with empty file
12, gdImageCreateFromPngCrx, initialize the signature buffer not the
13, leak in jinit_2pass_quantizer (gd_topal.c)
14, Added santiy checks for possible memory allocation errors
15, gdImageCreatePaletteFromTrueColor, later color allocations overwrite
    the palette colors
16, Obscure error on Sun's compiler in entities.tcl
17, gdImageCreate, invalid gdFree call when overflow2 fails
18, HWB_Diff, invalid usage of abs instead of fabs
19, Fixed gdImageCopyMergeGray when used with a true color image
20, transparency preservation in gdImageCopyRotated
21, Out of range checks in gdImageSetAAPixelColor
22, gdFontCacheSetup does not stop on error
23, Errors when gdImageStringFTEx is called with an empty string
24, gdft.c, uninitialized variable "charmap" and avoid divide-by-zero
25, DISABLE_THREADS to permit disabling of thread support
26, dynamicGetbuf, sourceGetbuf must return 0 for errors and EOF
27, gdSeek declaration is wrong
29, Windows native makefile
31, Shared library support on cygwin (patch)
32, Pattern-fill works incorrectly if tile is created via
33, malformed PNG image crashes  (CRC error)
34, reading some gif images creates infinite loop
36, gdImageFillToBorder crashes when used with alpha