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#3 Initialize values this also provides a 5x speedup in the imagefttext.phpt 
    test, because without this patch it never got cache hits (Nuno Lopes)
#4 gdImageFill, multiple segfaults with complex patterns, transparent 
    colors or invalid color index
#5 gdImageRectangle draws corners twice (affects rectangles with alpha 
#6, TrueColor transparent color not used  with GIF output (palette)
#7, Numerous security fixes in GIF loader. When the gif palette is broken, 
    the image size is invalid or NULL block at unexpected postions.
#8,  gdIimageCopy doen't use the alpha channel (palette to truecolor copy)
#9, Update configure/build scripts (Lars Hecking, 
	AUTO* tools and libtool
	Regenerate all files with latest version of tools (automake 1.9.6,
    libtool 1.5.22)

	LIBICONV handling,, config/ Add $(LIBICONV)
    to LDADD and remove manual LIBICONV handling from

	PTHREAD handling Update to current version of acx_pthread.m4

	RANLIB handling AC_PROG_RANLIB is obsolete, now handled by AC_PROG_LIBTOO
#10 gdImageFilledEllipse does not respect transparency
#11 gdImageCreateFromPng* possible crash with empty file
     (Thanks Antony Dovgal to have catched it)
#12, gdImageCreateFromPngCrx, initialize the signature buffer not the infile
     CTX (Takeshi Abe)
#13, Fixed leak in jinit_2pass_quantizer (gd_topal.c) (Huib-Jan Imbens)
#14, Added santiy checks for possible memory allocation errors:
     (John Ellson/Graphviz, Pierre, Phil Knirsch, Phil Knirsch)
 - gdImageCreate 
 - gdImageCreateTrueColor
 - gdImageFilledPolygon and gdImageSetStyle
 - gdCacheCreate and main
 - fontFetch and tweenColorFetch
 - gdImageStringFTEx, use gdMalloc and gdRealloc
 - gd_gd2
 - gd_topal
 - gd_gif_out
 - gdImageCopyResized 
#15, gdImageCreatePaletteFromTrueColor(), colors allocated henceforth from 
     the resulting image overwrite the palette colors (Rob Leslie)
#16, Added "static" to entities_s struct declaration to avoid obscure 
     compiler problem on Suns (John Ellson/Graphviz)
#17, Removed invalid gdFree call when overflow2 fails
#18, Use abs instead of fbas in HWB_Diff (Nick Atty)
#19, Fixed gdImageCopyMergeGray when used with a true color image
#20, Fixed transparency preservation in gdImageCopyRotated 
#21, Out of range checks in gdImageSetAAPixelColor
#22, gdFontCacheSetup returns error when gdCacheCreate fails
#23, Fixed gdImageStringFTEx when called with an empty string 
     Initialize the bounding box variables to zero (Kevin Scaldeferri)
#24, uninitialized variable "charmap" and avoid divide-by-zero errors
     at very small dpi values (John Ellson/Graphviz)
#25, Added DISABLE_THREADS to permit disabling of thread support
     (John Ellson/Graphviz)
#26, dynamicGetbuf, sourceGetbuf must return 0 for errors and EOF
#27, Fixed gdSeek declaration, offset argument was missing
#29, Added Windows Build support and files (Edin Kadribašić)