gd-libgd / src / gd_io.h

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#ifndef GD_IO_H
#define GD_IO_H 1

#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef VMS
#define Putchar gdPutchar

typedef struct gdIOCtx
  int (*getC) (struct gdIOCtx *);
  int (*getBuf) (struct gdIOCtx *, void *, int);

  void (*putC) (struct gdIOCtx *, int);
  int (*putBuf) (struct gdIOCtx *, const void *, int);

  /* seek must return 1 on SUCCESS, 0 on FAILURE. Unlike fseek! */
  int (*seek) (struct gdIOCtx *, const int);

  long (*tell) (struct gdIOCtx *);

  void (*gd_free) (struct gdIOCtx *);


typedef struct gdIOCtx *gdIOCtxPtr;

void Putword (int w, gdIOCtx * ctx);
void Putchar (int c, gdIOCtx * ctx);

 void gdPutC (const unsigned char c, gdIOCtx * ctx);
 int gdPutBuf (const void *, int, gdIOCtx *);
 void gdPutWord (int w, gdIOCtx * ctx);
 void gdPutInt (int w, gdIOCtx * ctx);

 int gdGetC (gdIOCtx * ctx);
 int gdGetBuf (void *, int, gdIOCtx *);
 int gdGetByte (int *result, gdIOCtx * ctx);
 int gdGetWord (int *result, gdIOCtx * ctx);
 int gdGetInt (int *result, gdIOCtx * ctx);

 int gdSeek (gdIOCtx * ctx, const int offset);
 long gdTell (gdIOCtx * ctx);


#ifdef __cplusplus
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